eames elegant lounge chair|eames leisure chair manufacturing|hebei mudasen wooden furniture proces-凯发旗舰厅

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product center

conference room luxury seats


1, seat selection of red beech laminate is 16 mm thick, spraying the surface of polyester paint.
2, seat board with red beech laminate 15 mm thick, spraying the surface of polyester paint.
3, the choice of high-grade red beech wood handrail (by dehydration processing), surface spraying polyester paint; and provided with high strength hidden writing board.
4, side sealing board with red beech three plywood laminate, surface spray polyester paint.
5, the back seat cushion with polyurethane high resilience foam seat cushion, density: 56 kg /m3, 45 kg /m3 density of back cushion. back cushion, seat cushion are high-grade fabrics.
6, seat frame by stamping 5 root "s" type 2 mm thick plate of high quality cold spring.
7, the cushion turn up configuration automatic slow up device, the audience from the seat, the seat is automatic slow and powerful back, back to the process of no impact and noise, maintain the mute effect of the conference center.
8 feet, and the foot by stamping 2 mm thick high-quality cold plate.
9, all metal parts are rust, phosphating, electrostatic spray, double protection, to ensure that never rust.