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dn k01 stadium grandstand seat


seat structure

optional function: hand rail, cushion, cup holder, antistatic

seat with shared handrails, split flap seat. 

the foot is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, the surface of the phosphating treatment after the spray (or paint) treatment, never rust

with m10 × 80 expansion bolts and stadium stands fixed. 

seat color according to user selection.


seat base

installation type: side-located, hanging on the step, flat type.
center distance:470~500mm
model: split type (folding-up),spring pump,can also be equipped with armrest.
appearence: beautiful, elegant, comfortable, reasonable structure, high strength.
material: pp m02

seat foot:high aluminum alloy die-cast molding;

installation type: vertical type, hanging type

fixed method:m10×80 expansion bolts


seat assembly drawing