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several common sizes for stadium telescopic stands


the advantage of the stadium telescopic stand is that it can be adjusted according to different purposes and functions, which is very convenient and fast. the telescopic stand is also equipped with pulleys and brakes, which can be both movable and fixed, and can be adjusted to different heights to meet the needs of different customers for telescopic stands. however, there are some sizes of telescopic stands that are more commonly used. what is the difference between them? let's take a look together.

usually, people's impressions, because of the scalability of the stadium telescopic stand, its security is often the most worrying problem for users, of course, including comfort, style and other issues. for the fans, there may be some psychological exclusion. in order to dispel these doubts, the best way is to have a full understanding of the performance of the stadium telescopic stand.

the first is a folding telescopic stand, which is also relatively lightweight, and can be folded up when not in use, without costly storage and transportation costs. the equipment is also specially designed for the wheel, which can be easily done when pushing the installation.

the second is to assemble the telescopic stand. it is generally divided into two specifications: 1.22*1.22 and 1.22*2.44. the front one is more flexible because of the group fight, the seat is favored by some users; the latter is in some fixed performance telescopic stands. it is used more because it is heavy and the installation is not flexible.

the last one is a simple telescopic stand. its size is relatively small, generally one meter * one meter and one meter * two meters, and only four telescopic stand feet support, which is why it weighs relatively low, but very easy to carry, it is suitable as a telescopic stand in a small conference room.

it seems that different locations, different functions have corresponding telescopic stands to match.