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the importance of stadium telescopic stands

the design of the telescopic grandstand of the stadium is of paramount importance, and the plane shape of the stadium has an important relationship with the combination of the stands. for example, the circular stadium exterior wall and the grandstand will generate more space waste, which requires coordination of the handover relationship between the grandstand and the outer wall. in general, small and medium-sized gymnasiums do not use a circular scheme from the perspective of visual line, acoustics, etc., and replace them with polygons and ovals, so that the stands are more advantageous in terms of planar processing. the arrangement of the stands has a great influence on the shape of the stadium. the design of the symmetrical stands and the asymmetric stands will lead to two different venues.

    for small and medium-sized gymnasiums, the use of asymmetric stands can win more audiences in front of the performances, and the visual quality is easier to control within the effective range. the auditorium stands in the stadium also have such problems, because the audience attendance rate of sports competitions is not high, and the stadiums with an affected arrangement of less than 30,000 people are advantageous for the function and shape. the profile design of the auditorium directly affects the height and volume of the venue.

    according to industry experts engaged in the research and development of stadium seats, since the line of sight design must ensure the visibility of the line of sight design, that is, the line of sight is unobstructed, the determination of the height of the first row of the stand will directly affect the height of each row of the stand. the higher the height of the first row of the stands, the steeper the line of sight. the rise and row spacing of each row of the stands will increase, the height of the stadium will increase, and the volume will increase. the lower the height of the first row of the stands, the opposite. however, the lower the height of the first row of the stands will reduce the use of space under the stands, which is a contradiction. reasonably determining the height of the first row of the grandstand can be achieved by improving the playing field and reducing the space under the stands, and organically combining the design of the good stand.

    the design of the stadium's grandstand also pays attention to the difficulty in the design of the building structure. the stands of the stadium are exposed spaces. for the auxiliary buildings in the lower part of the stands, the function of the roof is waterproof and thermal insulation.