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shanxi pingyao ancient city telescopic seat completed


pingyao ancient city is located in pingyao county in the central part of shanxi province. it was built in the western zhou dynasty (from 827 bc to 782 bc).

pingyao, shanxi is known as one of the “four best preserved ancient cities” and one of the only two ancient cities in china that have successfully declared the world's cultural heritage throughout the ancient city. [1-2] in 2009, pingyao ancient city was rated as the most complete ancient county in china by the world record association.

on july 13, 2015, pingyao ancient city became a national 5a tourist attraction. pingyao ancient city is an outstanding example of ancient chinese cities in the ming and qing dynasties. the ancient city of pingyao preserved all its characteristics. moreover, in the development of chinese history, a complete picture of extraordinary cultural, social, economic and religious developments was presented. (unesco world heritage committee)


beijing da ni undertakes stage machinery and equipment, telescopic grandstand seats and gym floor engineering for various theaters, conference centers, stadiums, studios and college auditoriums. stage machinery, telescopic stage, stadium seats, telescopic stands, venue seats, intelligent systems, ppp projects, etc.