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the structure and use of theater seats

   the theater soft bag seat is a kind of public seat, and most of them are composed of a seat back, a seat, an armrest and a standing foot. theater seats are widely used in theaters, concert halls, studios and auditoriums. in addition to being widely used in cinema venues, theater seats can also be used in government offices, school auditoriums, lecture theatres, office spaces and other important occasions.

    its specifications can be based on the site and usage, and can be used to add documents and writing board equipment for recording. the theater seats must first ensure that you have a good view when watching movies, and that you are comfortable and not tired, so most theater chairs are sofa-style. seats also need to be numbered and partially illuminated in the dark to allow users to identify and find seats.

    according to industry experts engaged in research and development, the fabrics of the seats should be made of special fabrics for public seats, anti-fouling, anti-fading and flame retardant treatment. the chair legs should be made of high-quality national standard cold-rolled steel plate by die stamping and processing of the once-formed pipe. the thickness of the high-quality cold-drawn steel pipe is 1.8mm. after the two kinds of protective welding, the plastic is sprayed and phosphatized and electrostatically sprayed. the armrests should be made of high-quality abs material for one-time injection molding. the handrails are equipped with water buckets (popcorn cups) and are designed to be flipped up and down to save space. the sponge should be made of polyurethane material cold curing process, one-time molding of the back sponge for cold curing process, and high rebound sponge with abs skeleton. the seat and back shell are made of high-quality polypropylene material for one-time injection molding, which is shock-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

    when choosing a cinema chair, you must look at the comfort of the seat. the curvature of the back of the chair must be suitable for the physiological curvature of the human body, so that sedentary will be comfortable.